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Edco Studios 2007

Becoming a Toddler

What an exciting time! Alex started walking just a few days before his first birthday, and this year he was old enough to really start enjoying the holidays. For Halloween he dressed up as an inchworm, for Thanksgiving he visited grandmum Judy south of Fort Myers and Jennifer and Dennis near Miami, and he had a nice Christmas at home with both his grandmothers.

Alex loves to go to the beach like his cousin Mathias, and he also loves riding around the neighborhood in his stroller to see all the Christmas lights. One of his favorite things also is to swim in his neighbor Don's pool. At age fifteen months, Alex is a very active and curious toddler with a vocabulary of a few Thai and English words. He understands most of what you tell him, and has a hard time keeping still! He always has to be doing something.

if you have a broadband connection and Apple Quicktime software that can play video files, download the video of Alex walking around the house for the first time. The file is 110 MB in size---even on a very fast broadband connection it will take between 5 and 30 minutes to download, so please be patient. The preferred method to download it is to right-click on the link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...", and save the file to your hard disk.

Click here for a video of Alex Walking (broadband connection and Apple Quicktime software required)

Alex & Mommy at Don's pool

Alex Starts Walking

Swinging Fun

Alex and Mommy out for a Stroll

First Birthday Party Guests

First Birthday Party

Opening First Birthday Presents

The "after" kitchen remodel photo

Ready for Trick or Treating

Trick Or Treating

First Halloween

Blessing the New Thai Temple

Family at the Thai Temple

Alex in the Early Morning

Thanksgiving with Grandmas

Staying on Dennis & Jennifer's boat OLA

Ft. Lauderdale Christmas tree

Rosie & Johnny's garden

This is Winter? I Love Florida!

Tampa Bay Wading sunset with Mommy


Christmas Dinner 2006

Ready for Sponge Diving in Tarpon Springs

Boat Life

We love the beach!

Gulf of Mexico Boy

Old Tampa Bay Causeway