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Edco Studios 2007

Growing up so fast...

Time is flying by. It's hard to believe Alex is 4 months old already! He seems just about to roll over, but the odd thing about that is that he loves to stand up, supported just a little bit, and can easily bear his weight on his own legs for a few minutes. He can also sit very well with just a little support, and can do 4-5 sit-ups by himself if you hold his legs down---meaning he is strong enough to easily pull his body to a sitting position from lying on his back. At 4 months he was 13.5 lbs (6.13 kg). He wants to roll over but can't do it yet, and he has to learn to do it all by himself.

When he discovered his voice he babbled a lot, but he is pretty quiet now, He "talks" the most when he complains... he doesn't cry. but makes a lot of other babbling noise, when he is bored or wants to do something different.

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Alex with grandmum Judy and uncle Dean

Alex enjoys Dennis & Jennifer

Grandmum's Lap

Morning Playtime

Daw's shoulder

Fon's shoulder

Pat's shoulder

We're going for a ride!

Alex's favorite toy

Breakfast Playtime

Paul's Restaurant

Auntie Senja visits Alex

And gives Mommy something to hold Alex in

Aunt Senja came bearing gifts from the Morgans

Nancy & Alex

Alex has a good time

Afternoon Sunshine

Winter walk

Evening Playtime

Alex on his Aquarium kicking station

Mommy & Alex at Thai Island

Secret Smile

Alex at Gasparilla

Family watches the Pirate Ships

A Real Pirate?

Daddy & Alex

Mommy & Alex

Bua & Kung & their babies

My Hair!!

Little Urchin

Alex is very happy standing, and will sometimes cry if you make him sit instead of stand