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Edco Studios 2007

Home Improvement

Since we moved into the house in the middle of August 2003, we've been very busy working on the yard and gardens. Although the house and yard were in pristine condition when we moved in, there's always the need to make your new residence into your home.

In the yard, we've moved three palm trees to a line close to the road, planted a young Yellow Poinciana tree (a beautiful, showy tropical tree native to Kung's Thailand), planted several Thai herb and vegetable gardens, and planted a variety of other small trees, bushes, and flowers. This Spring we made a new patio in the back yard, surrounding it with a home-made white picket fence and Thai-style arbor. It was a lot of work but we are very happy with the result.

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Front View, July 2003

Side View, July 2003

Queen Palm Ready to Move

Rolling Queen Palm

Positioning the Palms

Planting a Yellow Poinciana Tree, March 2003

New Garden without Rocks

New Hibiscus, March 2003

Front View, April 2004

Back Yard, July 2003

New Back Garden, March 2004

Side Yard, July 2003

New Papaya & Lime Trees in Side Yard

Going Bananas in the Back Yard

Adding a New Border

Making a Picket Fence

New Patio

Thai Arch for the Arbor

Digging Hole for Arbor

The New Thai Arbor

Our Back Yard

Old Garage

Garage Project

New Garage (Right)

New Garage (Left)