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Edco Studios 2007

Life in Thailand

Large Reclining Cave Buddha near Trang

A Giant Golden Reclining Buddha in a cave near Trang, in Thailand's South

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Thailand  is an amazing country. We're not sure what it is: the gorgeous sun-drenched beaches, the tropical jungles and mountainous landscapes, the incredible array of tasty, healthy, and often spicy world-famous Thai dishes, the favorable currency exchange rates which make it a traveler's and shopper's paradise, or the gentle manner and ever-present smiles of the beautiful Thai people. Whatever it is, it's easy to fall in love with the country and its people and to want to stay for a long time.

Kung is from Thailand, having grown up in Surat Thani, an important commercial city on the Gulf of Thailand most of a day's drive south of Thailand's noisy and congested capital city, Bangkok. Many tourists know Surat as the jumping off place for the ferry to Ko Samui, a famous tropical resort island. When Kung was growing up, Surat was a relatively quiet fishing village. Her family lived on a small island at Pak Nam, which means "Mouth Water" in Thai. After secondary school, Kung went to university and spent ten years in bustling Bangkok before spending a few years in Singapore and meeting Barry.

Since we met in 2000, we've spent over a year in Thailand together. We had a large and beautiful wedding in Surat Thani on May 11, 2003 (see our "Weddings" page for some photos). We've spent considerable time in Bangkok at Bang Kapi where Kung lived before, traveling from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the North to Hat Yai in the South, and of course in Surat Thani with Kung's family.

We are currently here in Thailand visiting Kung's family and friends. We arrived in Thailand on June 29. Here are some photos from our current visit. We started in Bangkok for a week, then took the 9-hour train-ride to Surat Thani.  To see some photos and read about our interesting trip to spectacular Khao Sok National Park near Surat Thani, click here.

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Taipei, Taiwan Airport

Cooking at Pla's House, a Bangkok friend

At Pla's New House

At Pook's House near Don Muang

Checkup at Ramkhamhaeng Hospital near Bang Kapi

The essence of Asia, near the Bang Kapi mall

Phone Box Repair, Thai Style

Asian Shoe Repair

Buying Custard-Apples, Sala, and Longan

Enjoying Custard-Apple

"Sounding" Durian for Ripeness

A Duck Seller

Making Som Tham, a Northeastern Dish

Turmeric Fried Fish For Dinner

A Thai "Baby Shower"

A Monk "Training"

Train Arrival Hualumphong Station, Bangkok

Kung & Mom at Mom's House, Surat Thani

Flagging the Boat to Pak Nam

At Kung's Dad's New Pak Nam Island House

Kung's Dad's "Longtail" Boat

Draft Heineken in Surat?

The Happiest Monk in the World

Barry is Given a Wax Buddha Crown