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Edco Studios 2007

Our New Townhome

Here are 15 photos of our new townhome, completed in May 2005. Construction started in December 2004.

Located in Gibsonton, Florida, the townhome is about two miles from Apollo beach. It is a 20-minute drive from downtown Tampa or Ybor city via US 41. The townhome is fairly large, with four bedrooms and three full bathrooms, plus a small porch.

Pre-Drywall photos of our townhome were taken exactly two months after the original photos of our townhome.

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Exterior - Original

Exterior - Pre-Drywall

Exterior - Completed

From Living Room - Original

From Living Room - Pre-Drywall

From Living Room - Completed

From Kitchen - Original

From Kitchen - Pre-Drywall

From Kitchen - Completed

Upstairs Hall - Pre-Drywall

Upstairs Hall - Completed

Bedrooms 2&3 - Pre-Drywall

Bedrooms 2&3 - Model

Master Bath - Pre-Drywall

Master bath - Completed