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Our Many Weddings

We have at least three anniversary wedding dates to celebrate. We were legally married when we first signed marriage papers at the Amphur (Thai government office) in Bangkok on 27 September, 2002, exactly two years to the day after we had met in Singapore. This is a special date for us for both reasons.

We had our Thai "Family" wedding in Surat Thani on May 11, 2003 with Kung's extended family. It started in the morning with a small ceremony at Kung's mother's house, grew larger with a small parade for Barry to come back to the bride's house later in the morning, and culminated in a Western-style reception for 450 guests at the posh Diamond Plaza Hotel in Surat Thani.

Finally, upon our return to the USA in the summer of 2003, on August 16, 2003 we had an informal family wedding and party at Barry's family's summer cottage (Camp Caldow) on Lake Shirley, in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

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Signing the Document in Bangkok

Formal Photo before the Thai Wedding

Giving Food to the Monks, Thailand

Going to the Bride's House

The Thai Family

Reception at the Diamond Plaza Hotel in Surat Thani, Thailand

Cutting the Cake

The American Wedding at Camp Caldow

The Couple and Lake Shirley